A Weekend With The Aston Martin Vantage F1

Riviera Circle was fortunate enough to be the first group of people to see the new Vantage F1 alongside its sister, the actual F1 Safety Car. Aston Martin Works put on an excellent morning with great coffee (always important) and a demonstration of the F1 Safety Car. The exhaust sound is one of the best sounding cars we have ever experienced! Brutally loud because it needs to be heard over the noise of the F1 cars (coolest statement ever). Steeped in History there are few places better to launch the New F1 then AM Works.


Fast forward one week and the beautiful Green Vantage F1 was delivered to us directly from Aston Martin Works. We have had a lot of time behind the wheel of the standard Vantage and the changes in the F1 make it a very worthy upgrade. The car’s dynamic ability has been enhanced making it feel much more planted on the road without it getting unsettled or the ride feeling harsh. When most cars get a subtle horse power upgrade it is usually hard to feel the difference, but with this you can.

The car is undeniably beautiful. Wherever we went with the car there were appreciating looks and smiles from all ages. It has to be one of the best looking cars on the market currently.

We had a very busy and exciting weekend planned for the Vantage F1. First stop on the Friday was Henrys Car barn in Oxfordshire. As we pulled up to a secrete location we were greeted by every petrol heads dream. Multiple race cars, a beautifully converted barn doubling up as events space and a workshop for peel-able paint (wraps are so last year). We can not wait to collaborate on some events where we can incorporate a fantastic drive.

From there we headed West to Shelsley Walsh where we were able to walk (not drive) up the hill climb. This historic place is has been driven by many famous drivers who have broken multiple records. The backdrop is stunning with the rolling hills of Warwickshire stretching for miles into the distance. After a wonderful afternoon and a great meeting we left with plans for a very exciting event in the Summer of 2022.


Sunday morning coffee and drives generally don’t come better then this. Bremont Watches kindly invited us and some of our Carbon Black members to a very special morning at their brand new HQ in Henley. Arriving at the venue in the Aston felt quite special and it needed to be because we ended up parking next to a Lamborghini Countach, a car that upstages almost anything. Drinking coffee and chatting to some old (and new) friends amongst an incredible line up of modern and classic cars was great fun.


As far as weekends go, ending it on the Sunday would have still qualified it as epic. However we chose to extend the experience by driving to Silverstone and seeing our friends and partners DTO Motorsport. It is an incredible set up – you sit in the pitlane (trackside) and yet feel like you are in a trendy bar or coffee house. Cool music, driving simulators, great coffee, good food and the roar of race cars on the track. You feel special as soon as you step into the paddocks, with your own personal instructor and people constantly attending to your needs. There is also an amazing selection of cars to drive starting you off at a more basic level to much more intimidating (but awesome) race cars. We drove the M2 CS (track edition) which was a full blown race car, a Cayman GT4 and a track prepped M135i. There was also a Ginetta and a Mclaren 570 GT4 car running passenger rides. DTO certainly brings lifestyle to motorsport in the same way that Riviera Circle brings lifestyle to car ownership.

We thank Aston Martin Works, Henrys Car Barn, Shelsley Walsh, Bremont and DTO motorsport for an incredible weekend. This week is Goodwood and next week is the first Riviera Circle Breakfast club. Life almost feels back to normal!