The Riviera Circle Carbon Black Membership is an exclusive network of car collectors and highly successful people who are of influence (not to be confused with influencer). This circle is carefully guarded by our strict entry policies to ensure only like minded people are added to this exclusive group. The philosophy is that every member is able to receive as much value from the circle as they add. Whilst the networking is unparalleled, the idea is to create long lasting friends and have a lot of fun along the way with some incredible experiences.

There are three ways in which you can gain access to the Carbon Black Circle. The first way is by receiving an invitation from Riviera Circle. The second way is by receiving a referral from an existing member and the last way is by application alone, which we set out below. The questions are designed for us to be able to understand your reasons for wanting to join the Carbon Black Circle. Please complete the following form if you have been referred or are applying for the first time:

Please enter your details: