Invite a friend

Riviera Circle would like to reward you for helping to grow the community. By referring a friend, upon successful completion of their profile as an Open Tier Member, you will both receive 2 points.

If your friend then upgrades to become a Carbon Member, you will both receive 5 points
You need 20 points to achieve All Star status and will be rewarded with the icon in your profile. We will also reward you with £100 in credit.

If you are an Open Tier Member

The £100 in credit can be redeemed against a Carbon Membership for Riviera Circle.

If you are a Carbon Tier Member

The £100 in credit can be redeemed against any Riviera Circle event* or renewal of your following years Carbon membership.

Keep going. You will be rewarded with every 20 points achieved, with an additional £100 in credit (up to a maximum of £300)**. After this your contribution will be recognised by Riviera Circle offline and we will reach out to you directly***.
No. We will let the points accumulate, so that there is no time pressure.

* A Riviera Circle event is an event created by Riviera Circle and does not include any 3rd party events.

** the rewards are capped to a maximum of £300 in credit in a year.

***offline rewards are at Riviera Circle’s discretion