Procera Juniper Gin – The Perfect Christmas Present For Gin Lovers

When we distilled that first handful of fresh, never dried Procera berries, I knew immediately that African juniper was going to change the world of gin.


Procera was founded on a dream to share the very best of Africa with the world. Distilled in Nairobi, Kenya, our gins are the world’s first to use Juniperus Procera (indigenous to Africa and vastly different to the otherwise used European Juniper).

We harvest our berries at the end of the short rains with the local community who live near the highland forest of Kijabe at 2,200 metres. These equatorial, high altitude, sun-drenched junipers are what create the distinctive nutty and earthy flavours Procera is renowned for, and what ultimately sets Procera apart from the rest of the gin crowd.

With all other botanicals sourced from across Africa from the plains of Morocco to the Indian Ocean islands in the south-east, Procera expresses the terroir of our continent in every sip. Sustainability lies at the core of everything we do at Procera, it is part of our ethos. From our bottles made using recycled glass, to the Juniperus Procera trees we commit to plant for every bottle sold, to respectfully supporting the community of harvesters, farmers and artisans, we want to leave this world just a little better than we found it with every piece of our story. Be a part of our journey.

Boasting an extraordinary depth of flavour, length of finish and breadth of complexity on the palate, Blue Dot abounds with intense juniper, subtle earthy undertones and bright spicy top notes. Due to its delicate yet complex profile, and seamlessly smooth balance, a dry martini is the perfect cocktail to showcase Blue Dot’s deep and layered juniper character.

INGREDIENTS:50ml Blue Dot (many bars prefer more..), 5ml Dry Vermouth, Lemon coin garnish

METHOD: Rinse your martini glass with vermouth and discard. Pour frozen Blue Dot directly from freezer. Express the lemon zest into the gin and wipe around the rim before dropping in the glass.

SERVE: In a Martini Glass