There is no denying that the work produced by RoadRaceRally is incredible. The bespoke pieces are works of art and deserve a place in any petrol heads garage, office or living room. We came across RoadRaceRally about one year ago when we were designing the app and trying to solve a problem regarding the virtual garage.

Our original idea was to create an extensive database of avatars that would cover all cars across the platform. We quickly realised that no such database existed and even if it did, they would almost certainly be in the wrong colour. Inspiration came from a well known source – Grand Tourismo on the PlayStation! As you progress through levels in GT, you unlock a different racing series which contains faster cars. To implement a similar solution we just needed someone with the artistic talent!

Along came RoadRaceRally. We discussed the problem at length and after working together on a solution, we decided to represent each series with a selection of iconic cars, that made it obvious what the series was. This proved to be a very popular move and still allows for owners to request a bespoke commission of their own car.

Request Bespoke Illustration

We have made it very easy for you to request your own bespoke piece directly from your profile. Go to “edit profile” in the app, select the car you wish to make bespoke and then click on “request bespoke illustration”.


Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Joe Coade, I am a designer based in London, UK. Road Race Rally was created by combining my passion for cars and design after studying product and industrial design at university. Cars have been in my life for as long as I can remember and going over each detail of the designs can draw me in for hours. I thought why not combine my two passions and create Road race rally.

As a petrolhead, automotive art posters and prints were a massive part of my childhood with different prints covering every part of my bedroom walls.

Q. How is RoadRaceRally Unique from some of the other designers?

RRR offers something for every petrolhead from our wide range of prints on our store to our fully bespoke option. Each bespoke piece can take up to 3 days to create, going over each detail with a fine-tooth comb to ensure each part of the vehicle is perfect. All pieces are digitally handmade, and all hand packaged, taking the upmost care of each specific print to ensure it arrives in your hands ready to sit on your wall for many years to come.

From designing to the high-quality packaging and unboxing experience, each part is as important to me as the next, a fully tailored bespoke experience for you.

You as the buyer are with me throughout the journey making sure each detail is perfect whether it be bespoke paint colours or custom text, anything is possible.

We can also do full garage projects supplying a collector or workshop with all of their cars, either individually or together.

Q. What is your favourite part of the process?

I’m often asked this question, and I think its hearing the stories behind the specs of the bespoke pieces for clients as well as stories about people’s favourite cars. (Wheels and lights aren’t fun.)

The Main goal is to create and capture memories and help fuel our love for the automobile in our automotive portraits.

Q. What five cars would you have in your dream garage?

Always a tricky one to answer and it changes on a daily basis as I see incredible specs from some of my clients. Todays Choice would be:

  1. Ferrari F50 (dream car since childhood)
  2. Mclaren F1 LM
  3. Jaguar D-Type
  4. Rolls Royce Dawn
  5. Ferrari Monza SP2

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