The Best Slim Wallets for Men Living in the Modern, Minimalist Money-Carrying Era

The best slim wallets for men reimagine what everyday carry looks (and feels) like. Why schlep a bevy of cardscash, and receipts? Lightening the load is liberating.  

If you’re like most men, you’ve probably got a leather bifold busting at the seams and maybe even a money clip stuffed with bills because you can’t fit everything in one place. It’s time to streamline and invest in something new.

Minimalist wallets cut down on what you carry around because of the simple fact they won’t allow you to pack in stuff you don’t need. Like cleaning out your closet, this forces you to edit down to the bare essentials. No more business cards you’ll never hand out, expired coupons, or sandwich shop loyalty cards. Swapping traditional leather for metal—a common sight among slim wallets today—slims things down as well while offering excellent strength-to-weight ratio.

But what if you still like to carry cash? That’s a smart move, especially when traveling—but the modern crop of thin wallets can still accommodate a few bills. None will hold nearly as much as that faded, leather bifold wallet, but they also won’t stretch out like leather or stealthily grow to the size of a quarter-pounder burger either. Slip one of these stylish, minimalist wallets in your back pocket instead.  

The Best Slim Wallets for Men in 2023

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The problem with a lot of minimalist wallets is the metal feels and looks cold. This 3/8-inch thick, RFID-blocking slim Bellroy wallet comes in eight leather colors. Double-sided, it opens one-handed and snaps closed using magnets. Inside is a divider where each side holds up to four cards. Or, you can adjust one side to carry two cards and some folded cash.


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Ridge’s RFID-blocking carbon-fiber shell goes beyond cool design: The screws, elastic, money clip, and cash strap are replaceable, meaning this might be the last wallet you’ll ever need to buy. The 1/4-inch-thick build holds up to 12 cards and still leaves room for a few bills. A finger cutout on the side lets you push all the cards out in one movement. Pair it with a cash strap, money clip, or both.


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While probably not TSA-friendly, this RFID-blocking wallet conceals a secret aluminum multi-tool with 10 functions, including a seat belt cutter, oxygen wrench, and bottle opener. The rest of the wallet holds up to 10 cards and cash, keeping it all secure with a silicone band. The 3-inch width is a little wider than other wallets on this list, but we’re betting most bi-folds won’t help you slice open Amazon packages either.


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“At the push of a button” is universally understood shorthand for super easy, and the button is what makes this Ekster wallet super easy. Located at the bottom of the portrait-oriented slim leather wallet, this button makes your top cards pop out of the top so you can access them smoothly. Open the wallet and there’s space for more cards and a strap to keep cash secure.

[$72 (was $89);]

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Affixing your wallet to your phone means one fewer thing to carry. That’s the value proposition of this wallet from Clickr, a 5.66-mm thin card holder that sticks to the back of a full-size MagSafe-compatible iPhone or case. It only holds a couple of cards, but you can always put the rest of your plastic in Apple Wallet, right? This thin wallet also pops open and clicks into a stand that allows for hands-free viewing or video calls, a neat trick to say the least.

[$30 (was $40);]

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Want to ease into a new minimalist wallet while still leaving some cash to put in it? Nomatic’s synthetic webbing wallet holds up to 14 cards with a stretchy material that won’t lose its shape. Give a tug on the leather pull tab and the cards slide up enough to fan them out and find the one you need. The front holds one or two cards requiring the most frequent access, like an ID, and some folded cash in a dedicated side pocket.


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The rubber gasket on one side of this clamshell wallet seals tightly, so you can take it out on the water. The aircraft-grade aluminum shell blocks RFID and can keep your cards and cash dry for up to 30 minutes in the drink. Inside is a 4×2 1/2-inch space that’s about a half-inch deep to store a few cards, cash, and a key. A lanyard makes tethering easy.

[$37 (was $47);]

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This 1/4-inch-thick wallet houses six cards and fans them like stadium-style seating, so the end of the exact card you need is easy to see. But what’s unique is how. It’s a simple swipe up of the thumb that activates a hinge and it takes all of a second. The RFID-blocking case has a removable money clip to hold onto folded cash. If you carry cards mostly, there might not be a faster wallet to deploy and return that plastic.


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Tumi’s take on a card case wallet has three card pockets, a center currency pocket, and a transparent ID slot—just the basics. The two dozen or so red stitches on the bottom card pocket and embossed logo are the only clue that this otherwise plain wallet is a Tumi, but on the inside, the company’s commitment to stellar travel gear is fully realized. The Delta ID lock technology incorporated into this slim wallet keeps cards safe from scammers with scanners, allowing peace of mind when traveling, even if it’s just a trip to the post office a few blocks away.


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Slim designer wallets can sport some truly outrageous price tags, but this card case from Thom Browne is both unmistakably handsome and relatively reasonably priced. It’s made in Italy from pebbled black leather. One side has three simple card slots while the other has another three simple card slots, a gold logo, and the designer’s trademark: a red-, white-, and blue-striped grosgrain tab — a heavy, ribbed piece of fabric that’s satisfying to look at and touch in a way that the best designer goods often are.


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The textured leather on this zip card case feels nice when you reach into your pocket to grab it, and it looks just as nice in ocean blue or (our favorite) ranger green. The zipper is reminiscent of old coin purses, but this slim wallet is made to hold cards, cash, a spare SIM card, and, yes, some change for the meter. Adding a zipper between you and your stuff might feel like an unnecessary barrier to some, but we think it creates a nice moment before making a purchase; re-adding a bit of pleasant friction in a world in which so much commerce is frictionless.


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Empty, this thin leather wallet is just half an inch thick, and if you can resist your inner George Costanza, it still feels slim even when fully loaded. There are six card slots, a billfold, and two hidden pockets for miscellaneous items. It’s a simple design, probably not unlike the bifold your dad carries around, and it’s proof positive that not every bifold wallet has to be a bulky nightmare to actually carry.


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Perpetual wallet losers, rejoice: This slim wallet and card case has a special spot just for an AirTag. Slide one of Apple’s popular trackers in and suddenly finding your wallet, whether it’s stuck between the couch cushions or left in another city, is as simple as firing up your iPhone and waiting in suspense for the Find My map to load. Apart from this killer feature, the eight card slots are generous for a slim wallet of this size while the less expensive (but still sleek) faux leather used to make it is reflected in the $20 price tag.


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Try to say Chums Duckie without smiling—it’s not possible, just as it’s not possible to not like this brightly colored, sub-one-ounce wallet made from discarded raft scrap, a material that means every wallet is one-of-a-kind. The environmental bona fides are great, but it doesn’t feel like you have to compromise to carry this wallet, which has three separate compartments. Nor will this wallet hurt your, well, wallet, as its $15 price tag approaches impulse purchase territory, especially if you want a wallet to take along on more rugged pursuits.


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the Wesn Forsta is a classic leather bifold wallet reimagined as a minimalist essential that carries up to 16 cards and leaves room for cash. Just over 1/4-inch thick, this 5-ounce wallet weighs more than other svelte designs, but the Swedish leather and contrasting stitching feel nicer in hand. If you’re trading in a traditional bifold, using the Forsta should be second nature.