The Riviera Run is not just a car tour. It is a philosophy.

The sole purpose of the RR was to recreate the excitement that was felt the day that you purchased your car. No one dreams of owning the latest supercar to have it sit in the garage for most of the year. The vision is one of driving beautiful mountain roads, pulling up to stunning hotels and hanging out with cool people. The car is nothing more then a key that unlocks a fantastic lifestyle.

There are many car tours in operation, which range somewhere inbetween terrible and good. In 2015 as car enthusiasts ourselves, we were looking to join a trip across Europe, but we really struggled to find one that met our expectations. We therefor decided to create our own trip that was built on the following core principals, (they stand true until today):

  • The trip is not solely about the cars, it is about the lifestyle that surrounds the cars
  • We limit the driving in each day to about 4h
  • We pick the best driving roads and combine them with the best hotels – and we mean the best. Whether it is the location, the view, the spa or the restaurant (normally all four)
  • The experience itself is designed to bring people together from early on and create lasting relationships. The power of the network is unrivalled
  • The balance of the trip is very neutral and it is as comfortable for a couple as it is for two friends.
  • Whether it is Champagne (or Wine tasting), boats on the lake, yachts by the beach, outdoor spas, picnics in the mountains, race tracks or incredible parties we have it all covered.
  • No Stickers on the cars!
  • Invitation or referral only – by meeting every participant we get to understand how they will contribute to the overall group dynamic. It is not elitist or arrogance that drives this process – only the desire to protect the integrity of the trip. That’s why most people leave the week with new best friends and a very strong network.
  • Last but not least we have always priced the trips at a very modest level without ever compromising on quality.

It’s easy to over promise and underdeliver but the Riviera Run has only gotten more spectacular every single year. September 2021 promises to be the best yet because we are taking the best of every previous trip and combining it into one. Still dont believe us?

We would like to demonstrate an unbiased view from three former (and current) attendees, all of which range in age, demographic and location. Introducing Alex (UK – Ferrari 458, Porsche Macan), Kevin (UK – Mclaren 765LT, Jaguar E-Type and several others), and finally Matt (Texas, USA – Bentley GT, Porsche 996 and Mercedes C63s)

Question 1 – What is the reason you decided to take your car on a tour across Europe?

Alex – As a massive fan of travelling, food and new experiences, seeing new countries is something I love to do. Add that to my passion for cars and it’s the perfect marriage! Travelling around the UK on an extended holiday in the car is something that’s not often done so, when this opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance!

Kevin – Having owned a sports car, I wanted to experience using it in Europe on some of the mountain passes I have seen in magazines and on TV. I also want to enjoy the experience with like minded people who share my enthusiasm for driving.

Matt – I wanted an adventure. I love high end cars and wanted always wanted to do a rally with likeminded individuals, people that would get it. The RR wasn’t like normal rallys I came across, the routes were the best across the map and the hotels were top notch. While I came for the cars, I keep coming back for the community.

Question 2 – What were your main reservations about joining a trip like this?

Alex – I attended the first one on my own, so I guess one of the concerns was whether you’d get along with other people on the trip, whether it would be poorly run or if it would live up to expectations… I can honestly say i’ve made friends for life off the back of this trip, experienced some of the best food on the planet, stayed at some of the best hotels in the world and had my expectations blown out the water!

Kevin – I have seen many driving events advertised in the past which seemed driven by status rather than passion. Personally I am not interested in who has what, who is who, I just want to socialise with real grounded people from all warps of life who love cars, driving and enjoying life.

Matt – For me, packing my stuff up and planning the logistics and travelling with strangers. Once on mission everything is planned and no one is rushed. I think about it and my only regret was not starting this trip sooner, don’t wait it is the time of your life with great likeminded men and women in every age group.

Question 3 – How would you explain the Riviera Run to someone who has never done a car tour across Europe?

Alex – It’s so much more than a holiday, it’s an event, and one that goes into the calendar every single year. It’s an adventure with a start and finish each and every day that is connected by driving some of the best roads on the planet in some of the finest cars money can buy. No stone is left unturned by it’s organisers and as the disappointment of leaving one fantastic hotel fades away with the sound of a V12 or V8 roaring into the distance, the excitement builds to see what the next hotel brings. You will meet fantastic people, experience supercars like never before, eat food from the finest restaurants, stay in hotels you’ve only seen in James Bond movies and make memories that are utterly priceless and will be the envy of anyone you meet!

Kevin – RR is a Band of Brothers and Sisters united by their love of cars, comprising of successful yet modest people, all focused on enjoying their passion with others. If Carlsberg organised a group of people, a selection of cars, great destinations and great fun they would call it the Riviera Run.

Matt – Do you like adventure? To you like epic drives where you are treated like a celebrity everywhere you go? Do you, like Ricki Bobbi, like to go fast?

Question 4 – How many times have you been on the Riviera Run?

Alex – Looking forward to my fourth trip!

Kevin – Twice!

Matt – I have been on two, Covid stopped the third but planning on this year for sure. They highlight of my year and count the days till the men of Dallas, Texas can come back and show these Euro boys and girls how it is done.

Question 5 – How do you think the RR differs from some of the other car tours that exist?

Alex – I haven’t attended other trips, so this is quite hard to answer honestly but the RR is just run with such precision behind the scenes, without it being too structured, by two of the nicest and humble people you can wish to meet. This isn’t a race, people drive at their own pace and in a respectful way, it’s the best experiences with likeminded people and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Question 6 – what are some of the highlights of the trip?

Alex – Again, where do I begin…? Driving an Aston Martin round Spa, experiencing Eau Rouge, driving a Ferrari 458 through the Black Forest, The Furka Pass, The Stelvio Pass, and the Autobarn, hiring speed boats on Lake Como, The Chedi in Andermat, a private picnic with chef next to an icy river in Andermat, the closing party at Baoli in Cannes, the Nurburgring and, as I have mentioned a few times now, spending time with the people on the trip – That first cold beer
upon arrival at our hotel for the evening, after a long drive, is heaven! Leadership. The organisers are on the ball and thinking of the next great group event. It is varied and they are open to feedback, what you put in is what you get out. You will find your click in the group, it is too diverse not too.

Kevin – The excitement of meeting up at Euro Tunnel, catching up with the guys, all pumped for the week ahead. The driving seeing the smiles of the faces, everyone just living in the moment. The roads, the hotels, the stories. I think the best times are the reflections. That time in the bar just after a magnificent drive. Everyone talking at once about how brilliant that (the drive) was. Each sharing that moment of ….shite, that moment of wow!

Matt – Each day is another adventure from the view of the Bentley GTC, top down blasting down the autobahn in “wolf pack” formation to the twisty bit with tunnels carved out of mountain stone. The scenery is epic and after the long day just after check in, it is meeting all the drivers to talk about the day over a pint. Then hitting the pool, clean up and experience a top notch event planned for the group only hours away.

Question 7 – Do you do much with your car during the rest of the year?

Alex – Some things, I like to drive the car but use it to it’s full potential on the RR – Any excuse to
drive it though!

Kevin – Pay for it, clean it, look at it and remind it that soon it’s going on holiday again

Matt – I belong to the Porsche club in Dallas Tx “Maverick” and each vacation I try to get a car I have not driven before. But after you have put five hours in the Bentley GTC with the chilled seats and massagers on full blast carving up the furka pass is there a better car out there? At 6’4…Change my mind!