Not really – Riviera Circle is a driver’s lifestyle network. All members who join Riviera Circle do so because of their love and passion for the cars that they own. However, Riviera Circle was created to enhance the lifestyle both inside and outside of the drivers seat, whilst building an incredible network, lasting friendships and fantastic experiences. There is also the desire to enhance the ownership experience, by providing a platform for brands to engage and add value to members lives.
Riviera Circle aims to be exclusive but not elitist. Therefor, any car that is considered a performance variant of its respective model, or is deemed to be a Classic will qualify for Riviera Circle. If your car is rejected during the sign up process and you feel that it should qualify, please complete the manual registration and we shall review it.
When you sign up to Riviera Circle, you should have your vehicle registration document at hand in order to enter details about the car that are only known to you. None of these details are stored and are simply used to verify that you are the owner of the vehicle.
At the moment only owners of qualifying cars can join Riviera Circle. However we will be looking at allowing enthusiasts to join at a later date.
Riviera Circle is a global community. You can join the platform from almost anywhere by following the ‘Non-UK’ part of the sign up process. We will verify your ownership manually and approve the ‘pending car’ in your garage. In the initial phase, most of the events will be based in the UK, but there will be several experiences that can be joined regardless of location. As we develop the platform, add functionality and grow the community, events and experiences will be created across the world
Riviera Circle is designed to be a community of like minded owners and so we encourage you to create a member profile. We do however give you control of what is displayed publicly. You do not have to display a profile picture and you are able to hide your Surname.
All members of Riviera Circle have the same functionality within the app. The difference lies in the types of events that a member is able to attend or offers that are available from our many brand partners. Carbon Members get full access to Riviera Circle events, partner events and offers, priority access and discounts.
There may be some events that are accessible to Open members (including events that eventually open out to everyone if not filled/sold out by Carbon Members). It is likely however that most events will be filled up before it opens out to everyone, because of the priority access that Carbon Members get.
We understand that you may share a car with your partner or a friend. We have enabled car sharing within the app that allows a car to be registered twice. If your partner (or friend) looks to add the shared car to their profile after it has already been registered, the car will sit as pending in their garage. Riviera Circle will aim to check with the main owner within 5 days and approve the car.
Riviera Circle is a Drivers lifestyle network and recognises the importance of including your partner or friend. You are able to RSVP/purchase two tickets to any event that you wish to attend. We recommend that your partner also creates a profile by sharing your car, to get access to the many benefits that Riviera Circle has to offer.
Certain events will include alcohol and therefor have a strict over 18s policy. If the event is suitable for children this will be included in the event details and then children are free to attend with you.
If you sell your car, we kindly ask you to remove it from your garage as we will be informed if the new buyer of the car tries to register it to their own profile. We will remove the car from your profile if it has been sold. Do not worry as you will retain your account and access even if you sell your car.
Circles are created to connect like minded people together based on the Series of Car, the manufacturer of the car owned and lastly the membership circle (Carbon and Carbon Black). As the community grows, you will also be added to circles based on your interests and stated location (we don’t use your GPS coordinates).
In a word – absolutely! Riviera Circle actively encourages female drivers and partners of members to join Riviera Circle, and enjoy all the amazing lifestyle content that we will be bringing.

Routes are designed as a guide to highlight great driving roads. When you click on the ‘Directions’ button within the app, it will take you to Google Maps. To navigate to the start point, please ensure that the departure time is set to ‘Now’ and then ‘Add Stop’ (click on 3 dots). Add a starting point (your location) to begin the trip.

Now you will be able to navigate to the starting point of the route, and enjoy the amazing driving road.


You need 20 points to achieve All Star status and will be rewarded with the icon in your profile. We will also reward you with £100 in credit.

If you are an Open Tier Member

The £100 in credit can be redeemed against a Carbon Membership for Riviera Circle.

If you are a Carbon Tier Member

The £100 in credit can be redeemed against any Riviera Circle event* or renewal of your following years Carbon membership.

Keep going. You will be rewarded with every 20 points achieved, with an additional £100 in credit (up to a maximum of £300)**. After this your contribution will be recognised by Riviera Circle offline and we will reach out to you directly***.
No. We will let the points accumulate, so that there is no time pressure.