Riviera Circle Origins

Born from a passion for unique cars, Riviera Circle is a social lifestyle network for supercar, performance and classic car owners. The idea started with the creation of the Riviera Run, which is an unparalleled driving tour across Europe. Riviera Circle is the place to be for anyone who wants to experience life inside and outside of the driver’s seat. The aim is to bring people from all circles into one unique drivers network. There is an ability to participate at three different levels (Open Tier, Carbon Tier and Carbon Black) with everyone having access to amazing events, exclusive offers from partner brands as well as hand-picked content only available at Riviera Circle.

Using cutting edge technology Riviera Circle is powered by an intuitive app 

The journey begins when registering; members upload their car collection which is then featured within the virtual garage by bespoke illustration and ownership is confirmed via a smart verification process. Defined by series, qualified cars are accessible to view by other members; the series consist of Classic, Modern Classic, EV, Performance, Sports, GT, Sports SUV, Super, Track and Hyper. Members are also added to ‘Circles’ which initially include ‘Membership Circle’, ‘Manufacturer Circle’ and ‘Series Circle’. As the community grows it will be opened out to circles that are defined by your interests (other than cars!). This will allow you to meet and join like minded people as well as ensure that you only see the content that is personal to you, which all help you make the most of your passions.

“We have built our business on both passion and exclusivity, but not elitism. The diversity of our owners is vast and the only true way for us to succeed is to have an offering that is just as dynamic. We have members with BMW M4s who like watches and golf, to Bugatti Veyron owners who like fine whisky and travel. Every owner has a place at Riviera Circle because we understand that we are all on different paths in life and car ownership is no different.”

With a history curating some of the most memorable drives, a big part of the membership is focused on helping members use their cars to create lasting memories, develop new friendships, explore new destinations and most excitingly driving world-class roads. Members can join anything from local tours to drives across Europe, either are considered and curated to make the most of your selected car. All events are managed within the app giving members the ability to view and arrange their selected events in one place.