Version 2 is Here

Version 2 brings a whole host of new features that aim to make Riviera Circle the biggest automotive community in the world. The work never ends and we have already began work on Version 3! We need your help to grow and will be announcing a very exciting reward program very soon!

These are some of the features you can expect in Version 2:

  • HOME HUB – brings you fresh daily content including News and Lifestyle, Partner announcements and offers, events (both upcoming and New), messages from other drivers and route inspiration.
  • FILTERING AND SEARCH – want to search for a user or a particular car? Now you can! Our intuitive filtering system allows you to search using many different criteria.
  • THINKING OF BUYING A NEW CAR? Now you can ask existing owners what they think – what is better then the opinion of a current owner?
  • NEW CIRCLES – we have added a Location Circle and a Female Circle. Location circle allows you to connect with drivers local to your area! The Female Circle provides a great space for networking between female drivers and partners!
  • DIRECT MESSAGING – You now have the ability to start a conversation with fellow drivers! As we grow you will also be able to directly communicate with brands to, so you can ask a question directly about a product or service without ever having to give up your email or phone number!


We have introduced Circle Messaging! It is still currently undergoing some tweaks to improve usability and an update will be rolled out soon. In the mean time you can communicate with other liked minded people in your Interest Circles or Ownership Circles.


You have the ability to mute your chats individually, so that you can decided which circles you get notifications from. To Mute your circle please do the following:

  • Select any chat from your inbox or Circles.
  • In the top right hand corner click on the chat icon
  • Select “Mute Chat”
  • a red mute Icon will appear
  • You can repeat this process to unmute a chat